Andrew Komasinski and Stephanie Komasin

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This website hosts the personal and professional homepages of Andrew Komasinski and Stephanie Komashin.
Right now we live in Asahikawa Japan where both Andrew and Stephanie work for Hokkaido University of Education full-time.
Stephanie is also doctoral candidate at Hokkaido University in the Graduate Faculty of Letters. Andrew also teaches a course at Hokkaido University

Andrew Komasinski's Professional Profile

On this site, you can find information about Andrew Komasinski's teaching and research:

Other Sites

We also host several other sites on this server.
First, there's a proprietary learning management system for the use of our students at It enables classroom management, rapid grading, rapid scoring, and the storage of class resources.
Second, there's a website where my students and I are producing information about Asahikawa in English at