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平成26年11月から現在にいたる北海道教育大学 国際課 プログラム・アドバイザー
平成26年4月から平成26年11月まで北海道教育大学旭川校 教育学部 英語専攻 特任講師
平成25年10月から平成26年3月まで北海道大学 農学部 サステイナビリティ学教育研究センター
平成25年10月から平成26年3月まで北海道教育大学札幌校 非常勤講師 


平成19年10月 入学平成25年05月 修了博士課程フォルダム大学 大学院文学研究科  (New York, NY) 哲学専攻 
平成24年10月 留学平成26年03月 退学 北海道大学 大学院文学研究科思想文化学専攻
平成18年01月 入学 平成19年05月 修了修士課程ロヨラマリマウント大学 大学院文学研究科 (Los Angeles, CA)哲学専攻
平成11年08月 入学 平成15年05月 卒業学士ウェートン・カレッジ 文学部哲学専攻 及び 理学部化学専攻 (Wheaton College, IL, USA)


比較哲学 及び 近代哲学
倫理学 及び 東洋思想(哲学)


平成23年 フォルダム大学 大学院文学研究科 研究補充金
平成20年から平成24年まで フォルダム大学 教育助手の奨学金
平成27年から平成28年まで フォルダム大学 大学奨学金
平成18年から平成19年まで ロヨラマリマウント大学 学費免除
平成18年(秋学期) ロヨラマリマウント大学 教育助手の奨学金


平成30Carnegie Melon TEL Workshop External Fellow
平成23年 上廣賞 (一番良い発表 ハワイ大学 上廣コルスクッレント学会
平成21年 北海道大学 応用倫理センター 旅費奨学金


平成30年"Hegel's Complete Views on Crime and Punishment" in Journal of the American Philosophical Association 4.4 (2018): 525-544
平成30年"Faith, Recognition, and Community: Abraham and “Faith-In” in Hegel and Kierkegaard" in American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 92.3 (2018): 445-464
平成29年"Education and Capacity Building with Research a possible case for Future Earth" in International Journal of Sustainability in Higher EducationAuthors: Yasuhiro Fukushima, Gaku Ishimura, Andrew Komasinski, Reiko Omoto, Shun Managi (2017): 263-276
平成29年"Critical Thinking and Normative Competencies for Sustainability Science Education" in 高等教育ジャーナル = Journal of Higher Education and Lifelong LearningWith Gaku Ishimura as co-author (2017) 
平成28年"How Relational Selfhood Rearranges the Debate between Feminists and Confucians" in Feminist Encounters with Confuciuswith Stephanie Komashin as co-author Sor Hoon TanとMathew Foust編集者 (Brill Academic: December 2016): 141-164
平成28年"Mobile-CALT: A Practical Guide for Using Cell Phones for CALT" in OnCUE Journal (December 2016): 403-415
平成28年"How Kierkegaard can Help Us Understand Covering in Analects 13.18" in Asian Philosophy (April 2016): 133-148
平成28年"Ethics is for Children: Revisiting Aristotle's Virtue Theory" in Philosophy of Childhood: Exploring the Boundaries Brock BahlerとDavid Kennedy編集者 (Lexington Books: October 2016): 39-52
平成26年“A Hegelian Approach to Applied Ethics and Technology” in Applied Ethics: Ethics in an Era of Emerging Technologies (Sapporo, Japan: 2014): 36-48 
平成26年“Anti-Climacus’s Pre-emptive Critique of Heidegger’s Question Concerning Technology” in International Philosophical Quarterly (September 2014):101-113link
平成23年“Maybe Happiness Is Loving Our Fathers: Confucius and the Rituals of Dad” in Fatherhood and Philosophy (Wiley-Blackwell: 2011)
平成22年“A Transcendental Phenomenology that Leads out of Transcendental Phenomenology: Using Climacus’ Paradox to Explain Marion’s Being Given” in Quaestiones Disputatae 1.1 (Spring 2010): 112-130link


平成27年 “Encouraging Cell Phone Use in the Classroom” in 研究集録 (Research Summary) for the 64th Tohoku/Hokkaido Area University-level Education Research Society 
平成25年 “A Reader’s Companion to the Analects” (Book Review) at Warp Weft and Waylink


平成27年 “Practical Approaches to Business Writing in CALL Classrooms” at 6th Pacific Rim Conference on Education with Stephen Asbridge and Ivan Todd (November 2015)
平成27年 “How Relational Selfhood Rearranges the Debate between Feminists and Confucians” at International Conference for the Society of for Chinese Philosophy, Chinese University of Hong Kong with Stephanie Komasin as co-presenter (July 2015)
平成27年 「カントの『宗教論』と「神命説(DIVINE COMMAND THEORY)の共通点」[What Kant’s God and Divine Command Theory Share] at 北海道基督教学術大会 [Hokkaido Christian Studies Academic Presentation Conference] (July 2015)
平成26年 “Ethics is for Children: Revisiting Aristotle’s Virtue Theory” Special Symposium of the IAPC at American Philosophical Association Eastern Division (December 2014)
平成26年 “Encouraging Cellphone use in the Classroom” 第64回東北・北海道地区大学等高等・共通教育研究会 at Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (August 28, 2014)
平成26年 “Ethics as a Humanistic Competency for Future Earth” at 14th Science Council of Asia, Istana Hotel, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia (June 18, 2014)
平成25年 “Why Science Cannot Overturn Applied Ethics: Hegel on Morality's Autonomy” at the Center for Applied Ethics and Philosophy, Hokkaido University (November 2, 2013)
平成25年 “カントの批判的倫理学とヘーゲルの自然法批判” [Kant’s Critical Moral Philosophy and Hegel’s Critique in “Natural Law”] at Hokkaido University Philosophical Association, Sapporo, Japan (July 14, 2013)
平成24年 “Confucian Moral Selfhood” at University of New South Wales Australasian Society of Asian and Comparative Philosophy, Sydney, Australia, (July 10, 2012)
平成23年 “The Essentially Relational Self in Kierkegaard and Nishida” at University of Hawai’i at Manoa Uehiro Crosscurrents Conference, Manoa, HI (March 17, 2011)
平成23年 “A Relational Understanding of Justification in Luke: Restored to the Father” Society of Vineyard Scholars, Seattle, WA (February 5, 2011)
平成21年 “Finding Pleasure in Friendship: Epicurus and Confucius” at Center for Applied Ethics and Philosophy, Hokkaido University (November 14, 2009)
平成21年 “Aristotle’s Ergon and the Family: Human Flourishing in Human Families” at Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy, Fordham University Lincoln Center (October 18, 2009)
平成20年 “Making Sense of the Saturated Phenomenon: How Kierkegaard Can Help Marion’s Being Given” at The Philosophy of Jean-Luc Marion, Franciscan University of Steubenville (April 26, 2008)
平成20年 “Reawakening the Christian Sense of Locke’s Tolerance” at Fordham Graduate Student Philosophy Conference (April 12, 2008)
平成19年 “Is there anything more important than Life?” Society for the Asian and Comparative Philosophy at Pacific Division of the American Philosophical Association, San Francisco (April 4, 2007)


研究中"Finding Common Ground between Hegel and Confucianism"Hegel is well-known for saying that the Confucians "lacked Spirit." He also has many negative things to say about the Confucians. Despite this, I want to suggest some common ground on community and the nature of value, but I also want to suggest that Hegel is right on the "spirit" claim -- and this should not necessarily bother Confucians
研究中"In-Class Participation Management Tools"This project builds on work I have used in managing my own classes to demonstrate how to implement a portable tool to track student participation
基本研究中"Kierkegaard and Lopsided Recognition"Hegel is well-known for "mutual recognition." Mutual recognition between equal humans is a key moment in the development of spirit and its self-consciousness. In this paper, I look at how recognition operates for Kierkegaard, arguing that being recognized gives and shapes the epistemology of human selves -- but lacks this dimension of mutuality due to the power that makes the recognition work.


Philosophical Ethics(4x)
Philosophy of Human Nature(4x)
Descartes and Locke(1x)
Plato and Aristotle(0.5x)
Environmental Ethics(0.25x)
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (Moral Imagination)(2x)
A Christmas Carol (Literature and Social Critique)(1x)
Academic Reading(1x)
English Communication(5x)
Methodologies for English-mediated Instruction(4x)
Business Writing / Communication(4x)
Intercultural Understanding(2x)


Spring 2012 Referee for Fordham Graduate Philosophy Conference
2009-2010Co-Chair of Fordham Graduate Philosophy Conference for Spring
2010 “Aristotle in the 21st Century” (Spring 2009-Spring 2010)
Referee for Fordham Graduate Symposium: Fall 2008, Spring 2009
2013	Paper Referee for Journal of the Center for Applied Ethics and Philosophy at Hokkaido University
2013-2014	Translation and Editing Assistance at Hokkaido University for Kuriyama Masatoshi and Ikeda Makoto


2015-Current Member of Hokkaido University of Education Asahikawa Campus International Exchange Committee
2014-Current Member of Hokkaido University of Education Global Education Leaders Program Committee
2014-Current Developed a proprietary LMS
2011-2012 Faculty advisor for the Polish Student Association
2007-2008 Developed and managed “Academic Integrity” Online Tutorial for Fordham University’s undergraduate colleges in PHP/MySQL


American Philosophical Association, Society of Kierkegaard Scholars, Hegel Society of America, International Society of Comparative and Western Philosophy, Hokkaido Christian Studies




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